Week 1

On the first day of the internship, we went on a site visit to get a hands-on look at our campgrounds. This gave us an idea of where the plots would be set up, registration, parking, bathrooms, etc. We then were given an opportunity to look at the binders from previous Freshgrass and Solid Sound festivals to get an idea of the work load and process of completing each task. I recommend starting a notebook that you can take notes in and organize your thoughts before drafting any of the write-ups. You can also keep it as a to-do list when Keifer gives you tasks and suggestions so you can keep track of everything and not skip steps.

Next, I wrote out a long term to-do list (timeline) of what needs to be done with a general ballpark guess of when everything should be done by. For this I used Google Sheets because it had a clean template that made creating items and marking them as complete really easy to use. A copy of that timeline is included in this binder. After finishing my timeline and comparing the tasks and relative time blocks to past timelines, I felt confident that I could dive into the work. The next thing I made was the check in/out procedure which is also included in this binder.

So far, I’m feeling really good about Solid Sound. I like having a mapped out plan for what needs to be done and when and I’ve given myself enough time that if something were to go wrong we have time to make needed alterations and adjustments. Overall, I’m extremely excited for this opportunity and to see what else I can learn and do!