Week 10

This week was crazy after the Building 6 opening has been filled with mainly ticketing at the box office. This has been really good for me as the repetition has helped me cement my knowledge with Tessitura and be able to process multiple kinds of vouchers, guest passes, and memberships. Aside from ticketing, the summer interns have arrived and on Friday we started official orientation. A lot of it has been repeated information for me, however, it was a nice refresher course and I definitely got pieces of information I missed the first time around.

One notable situation that came out of this week is that a couple of Solid Ground registration packets were returned for having an incorrect address. To remedy this, I contacted the constituent to confirm their address. If the gave me a new address, I resent their packet to the new address. In one case, the address was 100% correct yet for some reason it kept being returned to MoCA. In this case, I emailed them and let them know their packet would be waiting at will call.

Other than the in-depth orientation, this week has been very quiet Solid Sound wise as I acclimate to being a full-time intern.