Week 8

This was my first full-time week at MASS MoCA. This week was pretty much set on compiling the mailing list, assembling their registration packets, and mailing them out. The trickiest part of this was creating the labels for the envelopes. There is a template that Meghan Gleason can send you that is supposed to correlate with the label paper we order, however, the printer is a little skewed and the labels do not print correctly. Usually the top half of the labels will print correctly and the bottom half will slant. My best advice is to only print half a sheet worth of labels and then flip the page to print another half. This worked the best and gave me properly formatted labels after trying hundreds of other ways.

After the registration packets were mailed out, I sent an email to everyone on the mailing list informing them that they would receive their packets shortly and their other materials would be available for pick up at the campground registration tent.

This week it is also important to start compiling the list of supplies needed at the campground so that Keifer can order them.

The rest of the week was spent taking tours of the new building 6 before it opens. This was really helpful as it gave me a brief overview that will help me when it is all reiterated during my tour guide training. I’m very excited to start learning about the museum’s art more completely and be able to translate this information to MoCA’s guests.

This week was also spent preparing for the CAKE concert and going over our schedule’s/responsibilities day of.


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