Week 6

This week is not only finals week, but also a busy week at MoCA as well. My first two shifts this week consisted of training in the tessitura ticketing system. There’s so much to cover as well as things to remember so although at first it seemed overwhelming, I’m confident with more hands-on training and practice I will be able to catch on quickly.

After the ticket training, Jacob and I spent Wednesday painting the signs for our campgrounds. We picked out a deep green and it took us about an hour to coat them all once. Later this week, we will be distressing them with sandpaper and a black paint wash to age them. In about two weeks, the vinyl lettering will be ready and we can transfer it onto the signs.

To finish the week, I started to look into the accounts of the guests who purchased plots at Solid Ground to see if they preferred to be mailed their registration packets or if they wanted to pick them up at will call. After using tessitura to search that information, I had to then take all the guests that wanted mailed registration packets and create mailing labels for them. I recommend taking the list of guests and having a master sheet then creating another sheet with just mailers and another with just will call for convenience. Then off the mailer sheet you can start to write up the labels. There is a template for the labels that Meghan Gleason has access to. After the labels are made, print one sheet just to make sure the formatting is correct.


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