Week 4

There’s a gap in my weeks from being sick so I did not work on Solid Ground during week 3. However, at the beginning of week 4 I was able to pick up where I left off. I printed off my info sheet (completed as much as I could) and gave it to Keifer for the first round of edits. I also wrote out a draft for the preliminary emails to send out to the Solid Sound attendees. I drafted two separate emails: one for those having their registration packets mailed to them, and one for those picking it up at will-call. I also printed those off to be edited and they will be sent out when the registration packets get sent out. Those who are having their registration packets picked up at will-call will also be emailed the maps, shuttle, info, etc. so they can have a heads up before arriving and know what questions to ask before hand.

The next thing I did was start to finalize the design requests. I needed to figure out what kind of signs I needed and what materials I would need to re-do them for this festival such as what kind of paint and style I want them to be (the wooden signs in building 12). I also needed to write out what I needed the vinyl for the signs to say as well as write out the materials I will need for the day of registration (supplies for check in/out). The next thing I did was create a sheet of info cards that remind attendees to bring a photo ID as well as reminding them of what is prohibited from the campground. The flip side of that sheet contains contact information for me, the campground facilitator, NAPD, and MoCA. These will be sent out at registration as well as at will-call.

During this shift, I was also able to take a tour of the building and get more acquainted with the exhibits that will be on display when Solid Sound guests arrive. This way, I will have a working knowledge to answer their questions with.

Everything for the festival is starting to come together more and more each week. Since I’m so close to having all of the registration materials at least drafted out, I’m getting excited for the weekend of Solid Sound!