Week 2

Starting on week 2, the first thing we did was begin our first draft of the information sheet that is to be included in the registration packet. Luckily, after years of interns making these sheets, there is a rather complete template available that requires minor tweaking to accommodate any time/date/rule changes for the current year. Be sure to look at the drafts from previous years and see what kind of edits were made on their drafts so you can avoid making the same mistakes and cut your edit time in half.

Next, I made a list of design requests and needed materials. This includes extra documents such as a shuttle map, map of North Adams (including places to eat and shop), parking permit designs and vinyl for the wooden signs that we will be renovating and reusing for this year’s campground.

At this point, I also started keeping a log of everything I did each week so that I can write it up for my blog (final project) or put into the binder so I would have a step-by-step account of what was done, when, and how to avoid mishaps in the future.

As I work through my to-do list, I realize just how many moving parts are implemented into everything. Although it seems like a lot to do when I look at the list in its entirety, breaking it up and having Keifer touch base at the beginning of my shift to give me a basic idea of what I should be working on/what should be complete helps keep me focused and motivated. I’m sure soon enough I will get into a rhythm and know exactly what needs to be done and be able to just dive in.


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